(This contains the work completed between 1st and 7th of May)

Knowing that I could now successfully apply two new characters my project, without it causing detriment to my pre-existing work I started animation on them.

I was greatly limited on what I could do with them due to the time limit I had, as my deadline for this project was at the end of the week. So I had to go over the limitations and requirements of their animation, to see what was possible and what wasn’t.

I ended up analysing the audio, the main characters actions, how out of focus they would be, and what body parts are visible, to determine the important aspects of their animation. I ended up with a rough MoSCoW list (Must Have, Should Have, Could have, Won’t have).

  • Must:
    -Have basic facial animation to show who is talking.
    -Have basic movement to show they are alive, and not cardboard cut-outs.
  • Should:
    -Move to audio cues to enhance their individual character.
  • Could:
    -Have basic facial animation for expressions.
    -Have reactions to the main characters actions.
  • Won’t:
    Full body animation

So over two days I spent time animating both characters with those limitations in mind. They were then placed into premiere on top of the foreground and background animation. After that I placed some title cards on the beginning and ending of the video, and rendered it out ready for submission.

After that, all my time was spent compiling all the required documents for the hand in on the 5th.

And here, is my final animation: