(This blog entry encompasses the work completed between the 24th – 30th of April)

I spent this week between updating the animation, and updating the scene.


Animation Updates

After receiving feedback from Neil and some other students, I had some decent points about my animation that I needed to update.

  • When the lamp is moved, it doesn’t feel like natural movement. The head begins to move while the arm is still moving, which doesn’t make sense, as there’s no shown reason why it would move like that. The head should either move during the arm movement, or after the arm stops moving.
  • The hands around between frames 285-310 are too still. They seem mechanical, and not natural at all. They need to do something to do.
  • The left hand around frames 770-820 don’t really do anything. It moves from one position to another. There’s no personality in the movement, nor reason for it.
  • There is too much blinking at 5 seconds in. It needs to be toned down.
  • The initial sigh in response to the first milk steak comment seems off.

To fix the lamp movement I changed it so that the lamp-head now moves with the arm, which gave me a little bit more time to slow the overall movement of the lamp. Giving the lamp more weight.

I updated the hand movement at 285-310, by having them move to their next action/ pose. This gave me more time to flesh out and smooth the before and after the original movement.

For the second hand update, I did the opposite. I added in an extra movement where he gestures to the screen to enhance the ‘snowboarding’ line.

The final thing I updated from the feedback was the blinking five seconds in. I removed a a couple blinks and slowed the remaining blinks down. So there is still a quick burst of blinking to show the shock in the character in reaction to the other characters statement.

Looking at why the initial sigh looked off, I realised it was because there was no audible cue for it. Every other action was a mix of a reaction to an action and an audio cue. To fix this, I decided to replace it with a different action. I changed it so the character now has an exasperated look towards ‘charlie’ and the other off-screen character. Hopefully planting in the minds of the viewer, that their are two people off-screen.

With the main updates made for the feedback, I went through and updated a number of other aspects of the animation to remove any stillness and ease in/out any movement. I also added some extra minor detail into the scene by editing the keyboard so that when the character presses the keys, they now move with the press.


Scene Updates

I additionally made some fairly major updates to scene this week. I wanted to give the scene more life. Make it seem lived in, a space where someone spent their time.

I first replaced the cabinet in the background. I found that it was breaking up the distance between the foreground and background. I replaced it with a cork-board, which has the same depth as the other assets in the background. This maintained a consistency between the background assets, and so maintaining a consistent distance between the foreground and background.


Once the corkboard was placed in the scene, I also rearranged the positions of the background assets, to help the composition of the shot. The previous set-up had the larger assets lower, and behind the character at certain points. Where as the new set-up has the assets distributed around the character, giving the character a strong shape in the shot to move around in.


Although the background now worked well with the foreground, it looked to flat, with too many parallel lines, so I spent time creating and adding a number of assets to be placed onto the corkboard. This was to break up the shape of the background assets, while also maintaining the core shape of the background.


Now that the background had some minor detail to it, the foreground felt too plain, so I changed and added some assets to the desk.

I first updated the pillars and top wall, to be a shutter, giving reason for it to be there. I also added some minor assets scattered around the table. A mouse was added next to the keyboard, post-it notes were placed around the scene to draw a quick visual link between the foreground and background, and photos were added next to the lamp to fill blank space.



To finish of the scene updates, I ever so slightly increased the foreground lighting intensity, so the scene in general is brighter, and the character is better lit.