(This post contains the work completed between 17/04/2017 – 23/04/2017)

Animation Updates

After returning to work after a short 3-4 day Easter Holiday, I started work by making a series of notes on what needed to be updated in the current animation.

  • Various aspects of the animation were still, so I had to add some motion to them.
  • There was a minor error in the chair-back movement due to the changing of the Face-Palm to a Sigh. 
  • The end of the first batch of typing needed a little more bounce.
  • Edit the blinking again, as there is a little bit too much.
  • Smooth out spine rotations.
  • Add more neck movement, it’s still a bit too often
  • Their is rotation of the right thumb when the hand is first one the desk. Make sure it’s at the same orientation throughout it’s time on the desk.
  • Smooth out the Eye-Brow movement, so they are a little less pose-to-pose.

I then went through the animation and applied changes to fix the issues present in the notes:

  • Added motion to the character when they were too still.
  • Fixed the back of the chair so it now moves with the character.
  • I added a little more bounce to the last type of the first batch of typing.
  • I then added more neck movement throughout the clip to avoid it remaining still.
  • I also fixed the right thumb, so it is always at the same rotation when it’s first on the desk.
  • I then edited the blinking so it doesn’t occur as regularly.
  • The transitions between the Eyebrow poses were then edited to be longer and smoother, so they didn’t look like they were going from pose to pose.

Scene Updates

I then spent time updating the scene and it’s lighting.

I wanted the scene to better relate to the viewer that the character is working at a dating service, so I created a calendar to go in the background with the dating service name and slogan on it. To help get across the idea that the character is in a frustrating and annoying situation, I decided to give the Dating Service the most annoying and dumb name I could think of. these are a few of the names I came up with:

  • YOUR One-in a Million
  • Partner Pursuers
  • Catch of your Life!
  • Unkown Treasure
  • It’ll be a Beautiful Day
  • Love Around the Corner
  • Cupids Corner
  • Cupids Arrow
  • Valentines Treasure
  • Belonging

To also convey the bad design of the company, I also aimed to create the worst graphic design for the logo. Once finished, I ended up with this :Dual Dating Deluxe, Pop in, And We’ll find your love of your life.


I then added in a ‘name’ plaque to identify who the character is to the viewer. Once I put it in the scene though, I found that it took too much space on the desk. So I changed it to be fixed on the side of the desk instead. Additionally, I changed the plaque to hold a piece of wood that said the job title, to make it just a little bit more interesting.

Name_Plaque.PNG  Name_Plaque-2.PNG

After that I then spent some time updating the Lighting. I was finding that the background was drawing a bit too much attention, so I darkened the background lights and slightly increased the foreground lights. Along with making the background darker, I also de-saturated the poster, so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the foreground. I was also finding the difference in colour between the foreground walls and the background walls to be a bit off-putting, so I brightened the back walls a slight touch to a lighter grey.

I also set-up my Depth-of-Field settings in a test render to check that any changes I may have made to the scene or character, did not cause any issues.


In future changes, I may increase the ambient lighting, so the overall scene is brighter, and then the lamp won’t be as vivid.