(This covers a selection of the work between 10/04/2017-16/04/2017)

From watching the video I made in the previous blog post, I made a series of notes on what needed to be updated.

  • The movement of the hand when it goes over the paper doesn’t seem natural
  • The clap still doesn’t feel right, it starts and ends too fast
  • The body movement around the ‘hmmm’ needs some smoothing
  • There were a number of points in the animation where the elbows have some unwanted swivel.
  • The hand movement before and during the lamp movement is too fast and doesn’t convey any weight in the lamp.

To fix my first note, I added some x-movement to the hand, so it moves parrallel to the paper.

To fix the clapping, I made it start earlier, and that there is no ease out when the hands connect. I also lowered the hands to a more natural position to make it seem real.

When initially fixing the movement around the ‘hmm’ section  I smoothed the rotation of the spine when he leans in, so the upper spine has an extended ease-in, so they appear to start moving after the lower spine. But I then realised that there was some snapping in the head rotation that I had missed when initially smoothing out the stepped keys. So I added in some ease-in and ease-out to the head, which fixed my issues with that section of animation.

While going through the animation checking for any more unnoticed stepped animation I also made sure that there wasn’t any unwanted elbow swivel that I had made notice of in my notes.

There were multiple changes that I made to fix the hands movement when changing the lamps position. I first changed the finger placement, so they curve around the lamp slightly sooner. I then realised that there wasn’t any space before or after the lamp movement for me to slow down their speed. So I removed the previous action where the character lowers their hands to the desk after the clap, which gives them more time to reach for the lamp.

After that I also updated the swipe action, as it was a bit too big and took too long for what I wanted to be. So I made the hand sweep at a lower height, pass over the desk at a faster rate, swivel from the elbow instead of the shoulder and it now holds it’s position at its peak for slightly longer.