(This covers a selection of the work between 10/04/2017-16/04/2017)

This week was spent between updating hand animation and body animation from feedback, or to remove any problems in the animation.

I first updated the blinking, as I received feedback that the blinking was to fast, and a bit too regular. I also updated the eyes so they squint a little bit when the character initially looks at their notes, to hopefully begin to relate to the viewer that the lamp is too bright when in the characters line of sight.

Up to this point, the hand animation was a mix of stepped and curved animation, so I spent the first half of the week smoothing out the hand movements and timings.

Due to these changes in timings, I also had to change the mug animation. A selection of the hand timings were earlier, so the mug animation was now delayed. While updating the timing of the mug animation, I also updated it’s animation, so it’s movement would hopefully be more believable.

I also spent time updating the spine movement through the clip as there were a couple moments where spine segments bent at to much of an angle. I also made sure that the upper spine would move slightly later than lower spine, to create subtle secondary action.

I was also finding that there were points in the facial animation whee it seemed off, or slightly out of time because of changes made to the characters movements.

For example when they now lean back in their chair, their face is now out of view. So anything they say when they move back to their usual position is blurred, and any subtle facial animation is missed. So I had to extend and amplify certain facial expressions to make it clearer on what the character’s saying.