(This post covers a selection of the work completed between 27/3/17 – 2/4/17)

During this week I made some minor updates to my project, but I’ll cover that in next weeks blog post, as I spent the majority of my time this week working on developing content for ExpoTees.


After finding out that I got into ExpoTees, I’ve been slowly updating my work and social media presence between working on my Game Practical Project. This includes updating my showreel ,website and CV, creating business cards, and finalising my logo (which I originally was not happy with).


Along with that, I have also created content specific to the ExpoTees event. During this week I mainly worked on creating a ‘Brochure Image’, which will give people an initial idea on what I have been working on for my Final Year Project.

Brochure Image

Creating the brochure image was an interesting challenge, as the image ratio we were told to use, was significantly different from the ratio I have been using for my project.


I created my project to work in a 1.8 ratio, where as the ratio of the image we were required to submit was 1.2. This caused a significant portion of my work to be cut off. Although nothing important would be removed in this change of ratio, it changed how the shot was composed, making it look like the shot was missing something.

Because of this I decided to rearrange the scene to fit the 1.2 ratio. I zoomed the camera in so the edges of the office were not in shot anymore. I also moved moved the majority of the scene’s assets, so they were now spread evenly between the foreground and background.

At this point in time, I hadn’t finalised the animation of the character, so I decided to create a bespoke pose for the character, specifically for this brochure image.

I found that the shot was quite noisy with the amount of content in the foreground and background. So to help the viewer differentiate between them, I made every asset in the background slightly darker than the assets in the foreground. I also worked on a Depth of Field blur in the background, so the character and their expression would clearly be the focus of the image.