(This blog contains details on the work completed between the dates of 20/3/17-26/3/17)


I started this week by adding base eye brow movement through the clip. This helps show what the character is feeling during their interaction with the other character. I also changed the characters hand positions throughout the clip to start defining what they’ll be doing during the clip. When editing the hand positions, I also edited the timing of some hand positions so the movement between the poses won’t feel jerky or unnatural.

While changing the hand positions in the clip, I also changed the position they fall into when they face palm. As after feedback from my supervisor, I practised how the character would move between the previous pose to the face palm. It turned out that the movement in the amount of time allocated for it during the clip was too rapid, so I changed it to a position that not only takes less time to move into, but also changes naturally into their next pose.



Now happy with the base positions of the character, I moved onto updating the environment.  To make the scene look ‘lived in’, I started updating assets in the scene, and creating new assets to populate the empty spaces. I was able to model a Lamp, Clipboard, Mug, Keyboard, Computer Monitor, Clock, ‘Employee of the Month’ Plaque, Mailing Cabinet, Book and Folder.


For assets like the Clipboard, Book and Folder, I used a Multi-Sub Materials to define their colours, so I could duplicate them, apply a different Multi-Sub Material, and use them to populate the scene.


A couple of the assets (the Clipboard and Lamp), had direct interaction with the main character, so I had to rig them before placing them in the scene, so they would move when interacted with. I decided to add a clock in the background, but that required me to animate the clock hands. So I set it up that the second hand would tick every second.

From the previous week, I had a number of issues with the lighting which I had to fix. So I played around with the intensity of the lights in the scene, and also edited the shadow strength of a number of the lights, so the shadow cast on the background wasn’t as bold.

With the new assets in the scene, and the updated lighting, I’ve got the scene at a decent quality. I still need to find a way to lighten up the scene, as it seems a bit dark, and I’ll likely add some minor depth of field blur to the background, to give a greater sense of difference between the foreground and background.