(This blog post incorporates the work between 6/3/17 – 12/3/17)

After the previous week where I focused on the Progress Review, I started this week by presenting it to my project supervisor and secondary marker. That fortunately meant the Progress Review was out the way, and that I can spend the rest of my time developing my project.

I started this week by finalising which one of the clips I’d be using for the final product. To do this I did a number of facial animation tests to see how the rig deals with the expressions and emotions of each clip.

From the tests I decided not to do the ‘Feelings’ clip, as the second half of the clip required some high quality, fine changes to the face to express emotions which I am unable to express through the rig.

I then decided to do the ‘Magnets’ clip instead of the ‘Sherlock’ clip, for although the ‘Sherlock’ clip has some nice visuals, there were too many moments in the clip where the character had nothing to do. They either had no dialogue, or nothing to react to, so I’d have to create something for them to do during those moments.

Which meant I’d be using the ‘Magnets‘ audio clip for my final animation.

From there I created a basic task overview of what I had to do to complete the animation.

  • Environment & Camera
  • Body Animation
  • Facial Animation


Environment & Camera

Starting with the ‘Environment & Camera Work’, I created a new environment based upon the environment I had created previously for the blockout image.

I kept in the lamp and mug from the blockout to give the character the extra items to interact with during the clip. I also added in a block of paper to give the desk more of an office feeling, which I could potentially also have the character . I also added in some items behind the character to give the scene a greater sense of personality and make it feel like it’s a space that people actually inhabit.

I’m planning on using FoV to blur out the background so it doesn’t draw any attention away from the main character. I’m also planning on changing the colours to a dull gradientto help differentiate the background from the foreground.

Body Animation

I worked on the first pass animation – working on the key poses of the character, using the animatic as a guide.

Facial Animation

I’ll spend the next week working on the facial animation and updating the key poses and timings.