(This post is representative of the work completed between February 20th and February 26th)


After completing the initial two animatics, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Feelings’, I got some feedback on them from various people.

I received the same feedback for the ‘Feelings’ animatic. They were finding it hard to work out where the second character was located in reference to the main character. To fix this issue I could place in a shadow of the second character in the bottom right corner of the shot to give a visual reference on where they are. I can also make sure the main character looks repeatedly at the same location when talking to the second character (as I didn’t add an eye-line in the animatic) to give the viewer a sense of where of the second character is in relation to the main character.


My supervisor also listened to my selected clips and recommended that if I choose the ‘What Have You Done Clip?’ I should end it at the 28 second mark as there is a natural break in the conversation between the characters. I could also use the extra audio from that clip as a bonus work to develop if I finish the rest of the animation early.

*Link to Audio Clip*



After recording the feedback update at a later date, I went back to my remaining storyboards and completed the animatics for ‘Magnets’, ‘Pirate Door’ and ‘The Sherlock Look’.

I decided not to create an animatic for the ‘What have you done?’ clip as the character in the clip spoke in too much in a flat monotone way that I wouldn’t be able to get a great performance out of them without a higher quality rig. The max rig allows for facial animation but it is fairly limited, it doesn’t allow for subtle changes in expressions that this clip would require. This may be a good clip to work on at a later date, but not for this project, with the time and resource limitation I am under.


The animatic nicely shows off the changes in rotation the character undergoes when switching attention between the character and the computer screen. However it doesn’t show the bounce in chair-back between the character and chair that will add extra realism to the characters movements.
As mentioned in the ‘Week 3.2’ blog post, I’ve added in a lamp and mug into the scene for the character to interact with, to help express how they are feeling in the scene. Once I start record reference videos of how the character will be moving in the scene, I’ll start to incorporate the objects with the character.

Pirate Door:

Once I created the animatic for this clip, I decided I wouldn’t pursue it any further, as despite it containing some nice moments of reaction for the character, it ends on a low point, there’s little lead up and no payoff for the clip.
I’m also still not happy with the perspective/composition of the clip, and I don’t want to spend any more time trying to fix it, when I have a number of clips where I am already happy with the compositions.

The Sherlock Look:

When creating the animatic for this clip I decided that I could put in pictures/models of the hat and pipe to add extra visual interest in the scene.
I also forgot to add any motions to reference the hornet stings comment.
Although I also didn’t include it in the animatic, I could also add changes of focus, shake in the camera, and zooming in and out to enhance the clip.