(This post consists of the work between February 13th and February 19th)

Audio Clips

This week I decided to focus purely on the longer audio clips I found the previous week.

  • Jaws – 42 seconds
  • Hands – 24 seconds
  • Feelings – 29 seconds
  • Magnets – 28 seconds
  • Pirate Door – 25 seconds
  • Smoking – 25 seconds
  • The Sherlock Look – 29 seconds
  • What Have you Done? – 47 seconds

I’ve put the link to the full audio clips below:




Now happy with the selection of potential audio clips, I created a document, scripting the audio in each clip. I split up each sentence in the clips to separate lines.
Here’s the full File: scripts



After I wrote the scripts for the audio clips I began creating the storyboards for each of the selected clips. Using each line as a guideline for what happen in each section of the storyboards. Unfortunately the scan of the storyboards I created were to low quality to upload, so I had to take pictures of them to show them on here.

When designing the animation, I tried to include something that the character could interact with to help develop their personality, as how someone interacts with objects around them can show how they are feeling, more than their facial expressions.

  • Jaws:
    When planning this clip, I decided to use a smaller lens (around 28mm) so that any action the character makes is amplified. I also had them placed on the right side and facing outwards, away from the centre, to add a sense of unease in the scene. I also added in a slow zoom to add to the unease of the scene.


  • Feelings:
    When creating this scene, I wanted to visually show changes in how the character acts through the clip. I mainly tried to show this by having the character in the spotlight when they are initially happy, then re-enter the darkness when they are contradicted, and then re-enter light at the end to almost show a different side of them.
    I was aiming to have the character swing around the lamppost to exaggerate the idea that they are happy, a there is a mental link in people between people swinging on lampposts and happy emotions.


  • Hands:
    I had a lot of trouble blocking out this clip. I needed to get the character in the shot when both lying down and sitting up, in addition to having the tray with the gingerbread man in shot. I decided to try and keep it in one shot with no camera movement, as I don’t like using camera movement unless it’s needed.
    If I choose this audio clip, I could potentially switch to a single shot of the gingerbread man and then back to the character, having established the gingerbread man in the scene.
    I also made the mistake in the storyboards of having the character sitting in the left side of the shot, looking out of the scene, which is not what I’d want in the final production, if I chose this  audio clip.


  • Magnets:
    When creating the composition of this shot, I decided to keep the wall surrounding the character present in shot to create an idea that they are trapped in their situation.
    I also decided to keep the camera straight on with the character to give the idea that this is it, there’s nothing special with the character, that they are just trying to get through the day.
    I also set it up so that when the character swivels between looking at the computer and the character off-screen, their head is always in the top left and top right focal points of the shot.


  • Pirate Door:
    This scene has some of the most intense interaction between characters, but due to my the limitations of the Max rig, I can only have one character per 3DS Max scene. to get around this I placed the character in a bar booth, with the back of the booth close to the character, and the other side of the table in frame, to give the idea that the other character is just out of shot.


  • Smoking:
    In this scene I wanted to focus on the characters movements and facial expressions as they’ll have to be fairly subtle to reflect the audio, so the lack of surrounding environment shouldn’t distract from the performance.


  • The Sherlock Look:
    I had a lot of fun thinking up a way to set up this clip. I ended up placing the character in a photo-shoot to add to the audio.
    Going back to my point about objects in the scene, I placed the character on stool which is slightly to short for them, so when through the scene they are shifting their weight and are never entirely comfortable, almost as if to reflect how they are feeling when not talking.
    Although not included in my initial designs, I may add some zooming and changing of focus to create the idea that the viewer is watching the scene through the camera of the photo-shoot. I could also add more changing of focus through the clip to exaggerate, i.e. as in The Office, but this may hide the work I’ll put into the animation.


  • What have you done?:
    Being the longest clip of my selected audio clips, I decided to keep the lower half of the character out of shot to reduce the work required.